15 days Ivory Coast-Burkina Faso-Mali (option Timbuktu) + travel
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Burkina Faso This itinerary is dedicated the 3 most fascinating countries of West Africa: from savannah to desert, from the mountains to the white beaches of Atlantic Ocean, visiting Dogon population, the ethnic groups of sub Saharan Africa, the Sudanese architecture, the markets, the landscapes. A kaleidoscopic vision of countries, traditions and cultures.

DAY 1: Abidjàn Arrival by flight at Abdjan, transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight staying at the hotel.

DAY 2: Abidjàn - Yamoussoukro Direction to the economic and industrial capital of the country. Visit to Fanicos where thousands of young people wash their clothes in an ideal scenery to know the hard life of the big cities. Visit to San Pablo Cathedral and then direction to Yamoussoukro.
Dinner and overnight staying at the hotel.

DAY 3: Yamoussoukro - Korhogo Direction to the capital of the country. Visit to the majestic copy of San Pietro (Rome) Cathedral. The ancient presidential palace defended by holy crocodiles. Prosecution to Korhogo.
Dinner and lodging.

DAY 4: Paìs Senoufo Entire day to visit Senoufos lands, visiting the most interesting places like Takpalakaha, which is a village where there are several traditional laboratories of ceramics, and Karitè donkey. Then visit of Fakaha (village of the great painters on fabrics), of Waragninin (village of the famous weavers of the Ivory Coast), Koni (with its iron mines).
Dinner and overnight staying at the hotel.

DAY 5: Korhogo - Banfora Visit of the city and prosecution to the heavenly region of Banfora where the tourists will visit Karfiguela waterfall and will see its rock eroded by the wind.
Dinner and overnight staying.

DAY 6: Banfora – Paìs Lobi - Banfora Day dedicated to the visit of Lobi that preserves its traditions and its culture. Special visit of Lobi “fortress” houses called “Sukala”. Visit of the museum to learn the habits of this strange country where women have plates in their mouth as beauty decoration. In the afternoon return to Banfora.
Dinner and overnight staying at the hotel.

DAY 7: Banfora - Bobo In the morning excursion on a boat along Tengrela lake to see the hippos. Direction to Bob, the city of the music of West Africa. This city has preserved its magic. The second city of Burkina has a different atmosphere, with its avenues full of bars and musicians. In the evening the tourists will see a musical performance in a cabaret café. In the morning visit to the ancient district where the tourist will see the mosque, visit of the district of bronze craftsmen, visit of the big market. After the lunch the tourists will visit the handicraft market.

DAY 8: Bobo - Mopti Excursion to Mopti region in Mali, after the custom controls arrival in Mopti that is called “Venice of Mali”. Dinner and overnight staying at the hotel.

DAY 9: Mopti – Paìs Dogon Leaving Mopti excursion to Dogones region. Visit of the villages of the troglodytes camouflaged in the stratum. Dinner and lodging in a local camp.

DAY 10: Paìs Dogon Entire day dedicated to the visit on foot of the countries along the stratum where the tourists will know the exceptional culture of this countries expressed through its sculptures and its traditions. Dinner and overnight staying in the local camp.

DAY 11: Paìs Dogon - Mopti Leaving Pais Dogon direction to Mopti. After the arrival, city sight, visit of the port (the most important port in Mali) and visit of the mosque.
Dinner and overnight staying at the hotel

DAY 12: Mopti – Niger river In the morning visit of the market where all the days the women go to buy what is necessary. In the afternoon excursion on a boat along the Niger river to visit Bozos villages, the fishermen and Peul people. The tourists will enjoy a beautiful sunset on the King of the rivers.
Dinner and overnight staying at the hotel

DAY 13: Mopti – Djenne – Mopti Leaving Mopti and direction to Djenne, cultural centre with its huge mosque which the biggest mosque of the world built with mud. Visit to the most colourful market of the West Africa with a mixture of Malienses ethnic groups. In the afternoon return to Mopti.
Dinner and overnight staying at the hotel

DAY 14: Mopti - Segou Last visit day in Mopti and direction to Segou, visit of San mosque built with the Sudanese architecture. Arrival in Segou. Walk along the river to see the beautiful sunset.
Dinner and overnight staying at the hotel

DAY 15: Segou - Bamako After the breakfast visit of Segou, the ancient capital of Bambara empire, visit of the colonial district and prosecution to Bamako. Relax time in the swimming pool of the hotel, last shopping and transfer to the airport.


DAY 11: País Dogon-Mopti-Timbuktu Leaving Pais Dogon direction to the airport of Mopti. Flight to the mythical city. After the arrival visit of the famous Saharan mosques, visit to the houses of the explorers that lived in this city during the last century. In the afternoon facultative excursion with the camles to visit a Tuareg camp where the tourists will taste a tea with the desert princes.
Dinner and overnight staying at the hotel.

DAY 12: Timbuktu - Mopti Transfer to the airport for the flight to Mopti. After the arrival city sight of Mopti, visit of the river port, visit of the mosque and of the market of the women. In the afternoon excursion on a pirogue along the Niger river.
Dinner and overnight staying at the hotel.