15 days Mali(Timbuktu) + travel
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Burkina Faso Day 1: ARRIVAL IN BAMAKO. On the regularly scheduled (commercial airline). Transfer from air port to town, overnight in hotel.

Day 2: BAMAKO- SÉGOU (235 KM) In the morning we will visit the city of Bamako, which contain an interesting mix of colonial buildings and some of the typical, colourful markets in West Africa. Visit to the museum nad the market. Lunch and departure for Ségou. On the banks of the Niger River which has preserved much of its charm over the centuries and was, for long periods of its history, the chosen residence of the Bambara emperors. Overnight in hotel.

Day 3: SÉGOU-MOPTI (420 km) Departure in the morning towards Mopti ( known as the Venice of Mali due its numerous waterways, The route takes us through a wild beautiful African landscape dotted with giant baobab trees and thorny bushes. Brief stop to admire the San Mosque and several Bambara and Bobo villages. Arrival midafternoon. Overnight in hotel.

Day 4: MOPTI-DJENNÉ-MOPTI (260 KM) Departure towards the weekly market at Djenné, a perfect opportunity to witness the wide variety of ethnic group who live along the Niger River valley. This is also a good time to admire the remarkable adobe forms of the so-called Sudanese architecture. Return to Mopti in the afternoon. Overnight in hotel.

Days 5, 6 & 7: DOGON COUNTRY Departure in the morning by road to the Bandiagara Escarpment. During the next three days, we will go on a trek around several of the villages built into the escarpment. You will be given the opportunity to appreciate the enormous skill of the Dogon people and their vibrant artistic expression: Masks, ritual figures and carved doors. Overnight in a typical house in the village or in a tent. Return to Mopti on the banks of the Niger River mid-morning on Day 7. Overnight in hotel.

Days 8, 9 & 10: MOPTI – NIGER RIVER Trip in a traditional covered-top pinasse boat (equipped with outboard motor). During the next three days, you will discover the rich variety of peoples who inhabit the curve of the Niger River: Bozo fishermen, Peul farmers and the Tuaregs. We will spend two nights camping in the open (in igloo-type tents), and in the afternoon of Day 10 we will reach the mythical city of Timbuktu. Overnight in hotel.

Day 11: TIMBUKTU Visit to the museum, the famous Djinguareiber Mosque and houses of the explorers. In the afternoon, Sahara desert camel trek to visit a typical Tuareg camp near Timbuktu. Overnight in hotel.

Day 12: TIMBUKTU-MOPTI Departure in the morning to Mopti, passing through the beautiful dunefilled landscape of the Sahara, scattered about with cactuses, solitary bushes and with cactuses, solitary bushes and several villages of the Tuaregs). This visitor an idea of the complex social organisations of the Tuareg and Bela nomads. Arrival late afternoon. Overnight in hotel.

Day 13: MOPTI In the mornig, we will visit canallaced Mopti. This spectacular river port, set against the backdrop of majestic red mud-brick Sudanese buildings, evokes the memory of the glorious 14th and 15th century Mandingo empires, famous for their thriving trade between Timbuktu and Djenné. Visit to the old Taikiri neighbourhood, the Sougouni market and the afternoon,
we will visit the craft market and stop off in a typical Bozo bar to and stop off in a typical Bozo bar to observe the bustling life of the river port. Overnight in hotel

Day 14: MOPTI-SEGOU Mornig free to make last-minute purchases and departure to Ségou. Arrival late afternoon. Overnight in hotel.

Day 15: SEGOU-BAMAKO Departure day use in hotel in Bamako and transfer for international flight