8 days Mali-Dogon (extension to Timbuktu) + travel
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Burkina Faso DAY 1: Bamako. Arrival to Bamako, transfer to Mandé Hotel and check in.

DAY 2: Bamako-Segou. The morning will be devoted to Bamako sightseeing. Bamako is a mix of colonial buildings and of those busy local markets which give character to West Africa. In the afternoon, leaving for Segou. Lodging at Independance Hotel.

DAY 3: Segou- Dogon Land, In the morning, short visti to Segou, a city which did never lose its charm. It is a quiet town at Niger river banks, for many years chosen as their residence by Bamana emperors..
Lodging in local hotel Cheval Blanc.

DAY 4: Dogon We will make a short trip along several Dogon villages, mimetised in the cliffs, which will allow us to witness the great Dogon ability expressed through suggestive shapes such as masks, religious idols and doors and windows lodging in hotel Guina.

DAY 5: Dogon-Djenné-Mopti: Today we will spend the day strolling around the weekly market, an outstanding scenary to apreciate the wide range of etnic groups along the Niger river. We will discover a variety of architectural shapes, majestic buildings in sundried bricks, what is called Sudanese architecture, lodging in hotel Kanga.

DAY 6: Mopti Mopti, the so called Malian Venice. Its astonishing fluvial port, framed by Sudanese buildings , calls for old days of glory for Mandingo empires which traded between Timbuctu and Djenné. Short sightseeing in the afternoon, we will ride a long boat to visit some Bozo fishermen villages, and some Peul sheperd villages. Lodging at Kanaga Hotel.

DAY 7: Mopti-Segou: Morning for last shopping, Around mid morning, we will leave for Segou crossing a landscape of giant baobabs and stickleback bushes. Lodgimg in Independence Hotel.

DAY 8: Segou-Bamako-Departure. Day use in hotel Mande and transfer fort international flight.

Option, extention to Timbuctu:

DAY 6: Timbuktu. In the wings of Air Mali we will reach the mythic city of Tombouctou. Very early in the morning we will stare at a phantastic dawn in the Sahel Desert. We will pay a visit to the museum and to some Saharian mosques. Lodging at Azalai Hotel.

DAY 7: Timbuktu-Mopti. After an optative excursion to Sahara desert, and after witnessing again another fascinating dawn, we will board on a plane to return to Mopti. morning for last shopping. Departure for Segou, lodging in Independence hotel.

DAY 8: Segou-Bamako-Departure. Day use in hotel Mande and transfer fort international flight.