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Burkina Faso Burkina Faso is not a country for mass tourism. But it is one of African countries where traditions are still vivid and where there is a melting pot of races. Its people are quiet, hospitable and they are proud to live in the "country of honest men". This tour itineray takes into account the most interesting landscapes but above all the most interesting races and their way of life.

You will live together with the Mossi farmers, the Peul shepherds, the Lobi hunters, who are not inclined to tourism. This tour is only for people who want to live in the real Africa.

DAY 1: OUAGADOUGOU Arrival to the airport of Ovaga, transfer to the Hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 2: OUAGA - BANI - GOROM GOROM In the morning we will set off to the North of country, we will have a brief stop in Bani to visit the two mosques up to the hill, and then we will arrive to Gorom- Gorom.Overnight stay.

DAY 3: GOROM GOROM - MARKOI After breakfast we will visit the weekly market of Markoi to appreciate different handicraft and the melting pot of races of this area (Mossi, Peul, Touareg, Songhoy and Haousa from Niger etc.)

DAY 4: MARKOI - OURSI -MARKOI The day is dedicated to excursion to the dunes of Oursi and to the natural oasis to watch different species of multicolour birds. Dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 5: MARKOI -OVAGA In the morning departure to Ovaga through the desert, where it is possible to see trees called "Cram cram sahel". Stop in Kaya to visit the Dem lake, arrival for dinner. Overnight stay.

DAY 6: OVAGA - BOBO In the morning departure to Bobo, stop in Sabou to watch the holy crocodiles which are the symbol of prosperity. A trip to Bobo, which is "the musical city" of Western Africa, will follow.

DAY 7: BOBO After visiting the old area of Faraka and the mosque of Dioulasoba, the district of craftmen, in the afternoon we will visit the handcraft market. In the evening there will be the possibility to go to a concert performed by local instruments. Overnight stay.

DAY 8: BOBO - GAOUA In the morning departure to Gaoua, big city of warriors.On the way we will visit the villages of Djans and Birifors.We will stop in Diebougou to see the holy caves. Return to Gaoua, dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 9: GAOUA - BANFORA The day is dedicated to visiting the most primitive ethnic group of Western Africa, whereby customs and traditions are still very vivid. The trip includes visiting the so called "Sukalas" typical fortress-houses; the National Museum, upholder of astonishing traditions such s gold-digging, a work usually performed by women with the aid of extremely rudimentary tools. A trip to the idyllic region of Banfora will follow in the afternoon.

DAY 10: BANFORA The day's schedule includes a trip to the Karfiguela Falls in the morning; a pirogue-tour of Tengrela lake in the afternoon, where visitors have the chance to watch hippos; return to the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 11: BANFORA The day is largely dedicated to Niansogoni, a small village which is worth visiting for the peculiar architecture of its houses built in caves. The trip to Niansogoni is followed by a tour of the Sidov peaks. Return to the hotel in the evening. Dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 12: BANFORA - OUAGA Return to the capital through Bobo. On the way we will visit the villages of Bomu and Bwaba and their markets which are very interesting from a cultural point of view. Arrival at Ovaga early in the evening . Dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 13: OUAGA - TIEBELE - OUAGA Departure to the village of Guruns Po. After the visit we will go to Tebele to see the multicolour houses, which show the artistic feeling of Gurunsi women. In the evening return to Ovaga. Dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 14: OUAGA - RETURN This last day we will visit the capital and its craftsmanlike centre. The afternoon is dedicated to shopping. Night transfer to the airport and boarding to your destination.