11 days Burkina Faso + travel
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Burkina Faso A road well did for the great travelers; to mix with the indigenous population in their ancestral rite for all who want to discover Africa the deep Africa and its custom, don’t doubt, this travel is yours!

DAY 1: OUAGADOUGOU: transfer to the hotel. Lodging.

DAY 2: OUAGA-MANEGA-OUAGA Morning consecrate to an excursion at Manega (55Km in the north of the capital of upright men country) to see and understand the culture of Burkina Faso particularly and Africa in general in the museum of Master Pacéré Titinga Frédéric, the great ethnologist of Burkina. Visit of the Mossi villages (predominant ethny of Burkina Faso and animist in the majority. They live in the central region of the country ), the surrounding and return to Ouaga in the evening. Lodging.

DAY 3: OUAGA-TIEBELE: Early departure towards the capital of Nahouri (Pô), continuation to Tiébélé (typical village of the Cassena) to appreciate the house of polychrome motives, artistic expression of the Cassena women. The Gourounsi and Cassena are the real autochthons of Burkina Faso before the arrival of the Mossi. They have been beaded by the Mossi kingdom and hunted from the center of the country towards the south and have been done slave during some long periods. Return in the evening to Pô. Lodging.

DAY 4: PO-GAOUA Exit in the morning for the capital of the war children (Lobi), passing to some Dagara villages and continuation on Gaoua. Lodging

DAY 5: GAOUA Early visit of the museum of Gaoua and excursion in many villages to mix with the indigenous population in their ancestral rites. Visit of the earthenware, basket-makings and some typical Lobi families with they fortress houses (SOUKALA) which identify they combatant character of this united ethny. Lunch with sandwiches and return in the evening to Gaoua. Lodging.

DAY 6: GAOUA-BANFORA Departure for the paradise region of Banfora. Visit of Obiré, a meeting with the Gan population, ethniy which preserve its animist culture and adore its king as gods. Short stop at the ruins of Loropeni which the building date remain unknown still today. Arrival at Banfora in the last hours of the evening. Lodging.

DAY 7: BANFORA-NEGUENI A track edging by Calcedras trees, mango-trees, Palm trees lead us to the small village of Niansogoni; on road, visit of the picks of Sindou, the villages of Trouna, Dioula, Sénoufo. Possibility to organize a typical dance in the evening. Night in camping in the village of Néguéni.

DAY 8: NEGUENI-BANFORA Early trekking on the mountain (3 hours) to see unknown architecture and estimated belong to the first inhabitants of the Dogon of Mali, dissembled in the mountains. It remain always sacrifice altars, attics and houses which the building dates are not known. Departure for Banfora in the evening. Lodging.

Passing away the domes of Febèdougou and the cascade of Karfiguela, we can surprise too in the morning the hippopotami in the lake of Tingrela (facultative) and continuation to Bobo. Arrival in Bobo Dioulasso, the capital of west African traditional music. Evening party in music in a local tavern at Bolomakoté. Lodging.

Early visit of Koumi, a Bobo (ethnie) typical village (at 15 Km of the town) which have not lost its tradition and custom, observance of the men daily life. Return to Bobo and visit of the great mosque at Dioulassoba and the bronziers and crossing the river of saved fishes. Lunch and departure for Ouagadougou. Lodging.

Visit of the town of Ouagadougou; The artisanal center and the great market of Ouaga for the last purchasing. Nightly transfer to the airport